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Follow us on Twittersubscribers. Watch us on YouTubesubscribers. Select a region.Jump to content. This is not a modpack but a configuration of xvm. So it has all the xvm features but just configured.

wot xvm

This config has no other mods. If you want them, figure them out for yourself. Do not copy the installation-instruction. Edited by Jahpero, 21 September - PM. Edited due to wrong language. Hi, I downloaded the file and I put it in the indicated folder but it does not work. I read this:. Remember that this will only work if XVM is configured to use multiple configuration files instead of being all on a single xvm. I do not know how to do this manually, can you help me?

This modpack config has the default xvm colors. This means that if you have wn8, you should be green. So, could you go to this website and check your settings right in the top menu bar. Your rating should say wn8. Yes, I see it too.

It's not the config, it's XVM itself that is causing this problem. I'll be on the lookout for an xvm update. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a tank. Launch the game in safemode.This mod is useful for both beginners and real professionals of the Big Tanks. For many years, players have been downloading the mod and can know in advance with what contingent of players they are playing or what level of professionalism their allies have.

With proper operation and analysis of data, this mod has a significant benefit for any player. As for the World of Tanks Blitz players, this mod is completely unknown to them. For several consecutive years, sincea certain studio Gray Cat Developer has decided to release its analog to the famous XVM mod.

The studio released its application called BINT.

Что такое оленемер? И почему он мешает всем?

This application corresponds to its prototype as much as possible. But still there was a minus — the mod was paid. Mod did not had its popularity for two reasons:. In Octoberwhen the first version of the mod appeared, many players encountered a lot of errors and bugs in the beta version of BINT, so for a long time this mod was unavailable and was tested at a closed stage.

What is the peculiarity and advantages of the XVM mod for tankmen mobile version? XVM is a mod that demonstrates the statistics of players in battle. What does this information provide? First, the player will know in advance the level of his team and the level of the team of opponents.

Secondly, you will know the probable chances of your victory. Only those players who have already installed the BINT application can chat with the chat. Today, the application BINT is absolutely free and there are no bugs and the application work correctly. But still, there are some difficulties. Perhaps the most important problem in installation. The authorization in the application is through openID Wargaming.

For more detailed instructions on downloading and installing the application, see the video below. To download the application you need to make screenshots. Screenshots are an important element of the application, because thanks to them the program scans the players nicknames, processes them and adds them to the database.

In the archive you will find modpack, download it and unpack it as necessary way. This modpack will NOT change your files, it just adds on top its add-ons. What aobut the pc version? Your email address will not be published. What is new?

Cache for WoT Blitz 4. By admin. PooperScooper October 22, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.With this mod, to pay becomes more comfortable, since now the contours of enemies are always shown, even when you are not pointed at the enemy tank.

According to the results of downloading, it is the most popular modpack. Indeed, players love this assembly for a reasons. The main task of all…. Hello, dear Tankmen! Today we would like to introduce you, with the multi modpack to the update version of the game World of Tanks 1. Mod Shadow will help to see the last location of the enemy, which disappeared from the light zone.

How does the mod work? If any tank from the enemy team lit up and then disappeared from the viewing area, then at the place of its last location will appear a translucent silhouette of the tank…. In this assembly, a minimum of changes — the author has collected only those modifications that are really useful in combat. What mods can be found in the assembly 1D6 Xvm ModPack? Features of modification Attention! Mod is forbidden by game developers and for its use you can be forever banned!

Use at your own risk! Most gamers at least once tried to play with various tricks. Hacked accounts, installed cheat codes, unlocked engineering menus. In online game World of Tanks, such actions are strictly suppressed. Punishment is a complete account deletion.

World of Tanks – Update your XVM ASAP!

But, on the other hand,…. All due to the fact that this cheat improves the work of standard auto-targeting. Today we offer a famous modpack from OldSkools. Only the most necessary and useful mods you will find here. Now the game will become much more comfortable thanks to a lot of informative modifications.

One of the most popular modpacks for EU region. Black removal in sniper mode. Automatic shooting. Showing the level of battles in the platoon. Statistics of fights for one session. A new mode of aiming at artillery.XVM mod for World of Tanks 1. At the moment, more than players around the world are actively using this mod. The main and initial purpose of the XVM modification is to display the effectiveness rating or efficiency in combat, as well as the winning percentage for all players of both teams.

Possessing this data, XVM also calculates the chance of winning a team, which, although the practice proves, does not mean anything and does not guarantee, but still it is sometimes interesting. The truth is to find out about the chance to win is much more interesting by the end, in the results of the battle. This functionality will be very useful for many players, allowing you to plan your journey at the beginning of the battle, looking at the effectiveness of the players and identifying dangerous opponents on which you should focus your attention or, on the contrary, avoid it, leaving it at last or for your stronger allies.

A choice of eight options for displaying the rating, two-digit and four-digit. For the calculation, the algorithms Wot-news, Wargaming or rating of efficiency are used. Over time, the XVM modification has acquired additional pleasant functionality that enhances the information content of the interface. Among its additional features - convenient markers above the technique allow you to better see the damage that you inflict, thanks to a different color, modification of the base capture band will allow you to see the time to capture and the number of tanks in a circle, and much more.

Among the particularly useful features of the mod, it should be noted that the icons of tanks in battle are replaced by alternative ones, which makes it possible to determine the composition of teams much faster, and also turn the panel of icons of tanks into a minimalistic mode, leaving more viewing space on the screen.

Also, it is impossible to overestimate the light markers, which allow to determine which enemy tanks are in light now, which were found during the battle, and which vehicles are still unknown for what angle. It is also possible to display the number of points of strength of each tank in the player panel, but it is worth using it only if you are the owner of a sufficiently productive machine, since it decently squanders the FPS value. Do not forget that for the modification to work it is not enough just to install it!

After installation, go to the official XVM website and activate it online. Name required. Similar mods. Log in. Popular mods.Jump to content. Apparently xvm decided to have users jump through some hoops, we'll see what happens with it but instructions can be found here:.

CedricMacLaren, on Apr 17 -said:. I very hope that administration understanding that this "Activation" of the XVM will be used for sure by cheaters to steal peoples account. By my personal opinion this "update" will be responsible for a lot of accidents of stolen account. T website and not:. GlebZeglov, on Apr 20 -said:. I think this registration thing is just because they're going to start charging you around 20 bucks a month to keep using xvm The guys that work to create this program need to make a living too.

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WN will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Section. You may be issued a new password or required to change your password from time to time. Although we use reasonable efforts to safeguard the security of your personal information, transmissions made on or through the Internet and personal information stored on our servers or the servers of third parties that we use are vulnerable to attack and cannot be guaranteed to be secure.

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Like Gleb, I'm not risking it WG has said many times, they don't allow mod makers to charge to use mods or mod pack makers.Read on to learn all about this mod, how it works, and what you can do with it! Sometimes it can be useful to change some of the visuals of a game, as it might actually help you to improve at World of Tanks. The following are the visuals that can be customized:. These markers are what you see above allied and enemy vehicles within the game.

With XVM you can alter these to show different information in various fonts.

wot xvm

The Damage Log helps keep track of the amount of damage vehicles have sustained during combat and how much health they have remaining. This modification is purely cosmetic. Using the XVM Mod, you can change the little lamp that flashes whenever you have been spotted by an enemy tank so long as you have Sixth Sense unlocked in-game.

Another cosmetic modification, the Base Camp Indicator can be altered to display different text and font, as well as information regarding time-to-capture. The minimap can also be modified when using XVM to display a whole host of information or to simply change the visuals of the information already there. Be sure to download the version that matches the World of Tanks server you play on.

Download the. Once these are downloaded, you will need to move them into the folder where the World of Tanks files are located. After the files are in the correct spot, unzip the. Once these are done, the XVM Mod is successfully installed and you can get to modifying the visuals in World of Tanks. You can use your own programming skills to modify elements or you can find pre-made modifications online.

To use the mods on the site, you need to sign-up for an account. Alternatively, a lot of popular World of Tanks players tend to have their own setups for XVM and share them on their platforms.

One such player is QuickyBaby, who was nice enough to supply people with an updated version of his setup.

wot xvm

Adding mods and changing some aspects of World of Tanks can be an interesting way to breathe some fresh air into your game. It can be a bit complicated for those who are just starting out, but thankfully there's no shortage of clever people out there who have done a lot of the hard work.

Take some time to follow some of the best World of Tanks YouTubers as some of them tend to use mods and even have their own packs. Let us know in the comments what you think about mods like the XVM Mod! Sam Chandler is the Australian piece of the AllGamers puzzle. Out of all his gaming-related passions, collecting N64 games, speedrunning, and Souls games rank among the most important.

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