What happens when you disable your discord account

Discordthe best gaming chat app designed especially for gamers has got a new update. The latest version 8. One such new feature is the ability to delete and disable your account from within the app itself.

Meanwhile, Discord for iOS has received the same feature about a month ago. This is a useful addition as until now mobile users either had to use a desktop or contact Discord support to close their account. There can be several reasons as to why one would like to discontinue or deactivate their Discord account. Whatever the reason is, you must first decide whether you want to disable or permanently delete your account. Before proceeding, we advise you to disable your account if you think you may want to access it later.

Now follow the below steps. Note : If you are an admin of a server then you will first need to delete the server or transfer its ownership before deleting your account.

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Home Apps. Share 10 Tweet Send. Next Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Tags. About Advertise Contact Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved.Discord is an application that allows your PC or mobile to focus most of its resources towards the actual game, rather than the chat application running in the background. We know that the chat app has become one of the most important features both in and out of gaming, This app has more than million registered users according to the record of Julythe app is only a few years old, and it seems to show no sign of slowing with such a huge crowd.

But there are certain issues with the app; it occasionally goes down; there are issues with abusive chat. There comes a time when you get fed up with it and feel like you should leave this app and move on to any other app for chatting, or you just want to delete your account. So in this study, we are going to see how you can delete or disable your discord accoun t and what is the difference between doing such.

If you want to stay away for some time, you can disable your account instead of deleting it permanently. To begin disabling your account, you need to follow these steps. It is not easy to disable the discord on mobile as it is easy on the desktop.

There is currently no way to delete discord account from a mobile phone. You will need to put in request support first before deleting the app from mobile.

But, when you will select one of the options, it will take you to a support page where you must have to describe why you are doing this. Finally, if you are fed up from discord and want to delete it permanently?

Not a problem. It can be done pretty much the same way as disabling the account but with a different result. As for mobile users, you will need to contact support to have your account deleted. But for a desktop application, you need to follow these steps. For the deletion to work, you actually have to do a few things.

If you happen to be the owner of a server, you will need to either transfer ownership off first to a trusted source or delete the server. Once the transfer is completed, you will then just be a regular member of the server, depending on the role that was provided. Your access is retained within the server to limit the permissions within that role. So to delete a server:. If you enabled the two-factor authorization on your account, just like for any account deletion, you would be asked to enter the code provided prior to server deletion.

[Quick]Disable or Permanently Delete Discord Account

If you have completed all the deletion steps and have gone through the steps for deleting your account, then congrats, your Discord account would have now been scheduled for deletion. In this discussion, we discussed how discord was once a very useful app for the people, but with time to time, priorities change, and each app has a certain age limit.

After which they are not as important to the people as the new apps with new features. We discussed different methods through which you can disable or delete your account, and also we saw how you could delete or disable through your mobile.Though the chat app has become one of the most important messaging apps both in and out of gaming, it actually began as a failed online multiplayer game designed for iOS.

An application that focused on allowing your PC or mobile device to focus most of its resources on your actual games, rather than the chat application you have running in the background. Discord allows you to both delete and disable your account, similar to social networks like Facebook. Disabling your account for both iOS and Android is not as easy as it is on a desktop.

Currently, there is no way to disable or delete your account from a mobile device. When you attempt to select one of the options, which you can get to by:. This is currently the only way for mobile users to delete their Discord Account. Decided to take the full plunge and cut ties with Discord completely? Not a problem. Before deleting your account you will either have to reassign administrative rights to your servers or delete them completely.

Oh, and by the way, for the deletion to work, you will actually have to do a few things prior. Once the transfer is complete, you will then become just a regular member of the server depending on the role provided. Your access retained within the server is limited to the permissions tied to that role.

To delete a server:.

What happens when you disable your discord account

Just click on Delete Server and confirm the deletion by entering your account password in order to completely erase the server from existence. If you happened to enable two-factor authorization on your account, just like for account deletion, you will be required to enter in the code provided prior to server deletion.

After that two week time, you will no longer be able to login or recover any information from the account.So we did that yup. Furthermore, to make your account effectively impenetrable, you should also enable Two-Factor Authorization. Read on for a quick explanation of how each of these features protect your account plus some password tips at the bottom of this post.

Please use separate passwords on different accounts. Claim your account so we can keep you safe!!!!!!!!!! The second security feature is called Two-Factor Authentication, arguably the best way to keep any internet sign-in you have secure. Better than one and easier to manage than three, two factor requires you to enter the correct username and password and then authenticate the log-in by entering a code available on a separate phone or device.

Two-Factor is opt-in. We hiiiiiiiighly recommend this. After turning 2FA on, you should grab some of the backup codes displayed on screen. These can be used in the event you misplace or lose your authentication app.

Lastly, check out our support article on how to set up 2FA. It even details server-wide 2FA which requires admins on your server use 2FA as well. Passwords are supposed to be long and include tons of varied characters r ight!? In other words, your Discord password should be unique to Discord.

How do you remember so many different complicated passwords though? Sign in. Engineering Changelog Archive. Keeping Discord Safe and Sound. Nelly Follow. Two-Factor Authentication 2FA The second security feature is called Two-Factor Authentication, arguably the best way to keep any internet sign-in you have secure. Hook up your Discord account to the app you downloaded with a QR code scan or by manually entering a code Enjoy secure Discord access that requires you to enter a code from your phone when you try to log in After turning 2FA on, you should grab some of the backup codes displayed on screen.

Password Management Passwords are supposed to be long and include tons of varied characters r ight!? We now have Two-Factor Authentication.

Turn it on mkay? Stay safe, fam. Discord Blog Your place to talk. Security Passwords.In all cases, Discord is being stopped in its tracks when trying to connect to a voice server. You have now successfully created your Discord Account.

Discord is the only one who can tell you what miniscual offence was committed to get your account disabled. This needs to happen within all channels and categories you wish the unverified user to not view. You could choose to temporarily mute them, talk to them, or ban them altogether. If you are sure that you want to disable your account, click the option saying you have read this page and the option confirming you want your account disabled.

what happens when you disable your discord account

ArinaBigGay puritysin I know exactly what issue that is, its per account and discord wont fix it. All of the servers I'm in somehow got out of CheetahSpeed1 discord Hey my account got disabled on the 20th because I was in a serverUnless it only happens when you join a channel and your microphone becomes active, cos then its probably mic settings interfering with other audio settings.

The message said "This account has been disabled. The perfect app for gamers, Discord is a chat system that lets users communicate over both text and chat. It can help to know exactly why your account was disabled, even if you can get it restored immediately, since there are things you can do to prevent it in the future. We delay deletion a few days after it's requested. Something has gone wrong. You can register this account to make it permanent, or discard it when you'reInstead of deleting Facebook, you may want to deactivate your account instead.

The Discord icon looks like a blue circle with a white game controller in it. Passing in None disables the message cache. My Discord account was recently disabled for seemingly no reason. Before we create and configure a Discord client, we will add a method to handle Discord.

Solved: i want to use discord to talk to my friend, not in-game.

what happens when you disable your discord account

To claim a new account, you need to enter an email and password in this this tab. If the server is already the closest to your current physical location, try the next closest location instead. So now you know how to delete, disable, and restore your Discord account.

If you choose to disable your account then you can restore it anytime. If you jump straight into your IG Account being disabled, you might not get very far. Somebody got on your computer and requested your account to be deleted. When games and gaming-related software goes wrong, or when you're looking for a guide on a particularly hard level, our Gaming Hub Is Discord your favourite VoIP application or do you prefer another one? Let us know in the comments section below, along with any other questions that youFacebook members whose account usage fluctuates needn't worry about account deactivation at the hands of the social network.

If you've connected your Discord to any of your game services, the search will also show you servers You can log in with your own Discord account to make joining any servers you find more expedient. So whether you already use Discord or want to get started with it, here's how to get more out of this popular chat app. Deleting your Account. User Account Control helps fix the security architecture problems of past Windows versions. It might take around a week, or more. Open your email address and open the email address by Discord.

When I tried logging back In it said this account was disabled. Now, when the person you blocked sends you a message, they see this: The person would either: 1. Y: If you change your mind, you can reactivate your account! When you disable an account you will no longer receive any notifications from Discord. Step 1. Double check that if you are logged into your Discord account from Desktop App or Browser.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Uxinator02 View Profile View Posts. If your account gets disabled on discord by the staff will it be permanently? Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Depends what you did with your first account. Wock73 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Uxinator02 :.

Your seeking of friends sounds more like harassment, cyber-stalking or cyberbully. Why did your original account get banned? Are you under the age of 13?

what happens when you disable your discord account

You have to be 13 or older to have an account. Otherwise you should have an email explaining the reason for your ban. You can try emailing them email them from the account you got banned on at abuse discordapp. Originally they will send a warning and only in extreme cases will they delete the account. Last edited by Uxinator02 ; 3 Apr am. Originally posted by Wock73 :. Originally posted by yea aight :. Last edited by Wock73 ; 3 Apr am.

Per page: 15 30 Discord is for easy-to-use communication between buds and guildmates, sometimes it can be a bit too much to handle. If someone no longer feels the need to use the service they may delete their account entirely. Unfortunately, Discord does not alert fellow members that an account was deleted. There is a pretty simple solution to figuring out if someone has deleted their account.

Although, it may also seem as if they may have just unfriended you or possibly have been banned. One key indicator of knowing whether an account has been deleted is by checking out the username. Changes to the username occur when someone goes through the process of deleting their account.

It is important to mention that Discord gives users the option to disable rather than delete an account. A disabled account will appear the same as one that has been deleted. There are several ways for a user to customize interactions within the Discord platform. Blocking users, disabling an account, unfriending someone, and deleting an account is at the mercy of users. Active Users should look something like this:.

The name can also appear in previously posted messages including those within the server chatrooms, direct messages, and any other point of interaction on Discord. This assures the person whose account has been deleted that their information and previously posted text cannot be traced back to them. If an account has been disabled by Discord for abuse or perhaps an underage person was running the account, the username will appear the same as listed above.

what happens when you disable your discord account

For those who would like to permanently delete their Discord account they can. Users will still be able to see a disabled or deleted account.

How To Delete Discord Account

If someone has been blocked by another user the account will no longer appear at all. This makes it difficult for many users to identify whether an account is gone for good or if the administrator is taking a break. Discord does not permanently delete account information for 30 days.

If someone has deleted their account then decided to reactivate it, the task is possible. Once the 30 days are up, the account is permanently deleted along with any personal information attached to it. In order to restore the Discord account to its normal standing:.

For accounts that were deleted courtesy of Discord, you will have to create new accounts.

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