Text based game ideas

For this to work, we need people who have the means to become paying supporters. For the month of April we have disabled ads on all E-M content. We need 57 people to reach our goal of 3, active supporters. If we hit that, we'll continue with a new goal in May! Text-based adventure game idea Look, text-based adventure games are fun. It's neat to mess around with different commands and stuff. But after a while, the novelty wears off. There needs to be more, and I think I fell upon the idea.

I've already started work on it. It will be open-source, PHP-based, and object-oriented but in a different way than Java.

GET GAME IDEAS - The Ultimate Guide!

Here's what's so great about it: It's hackable. Everything about the game you can edit with certain "Hacks" that you find throughout the game. Also, if you're really good at scripting, you can figure out how to do a bunch of awesome stuff throughout the game. I will purposly add "holes" to the game to make it possible to hack.

text based game ideas

It's programable. Sure, MateriaMagica has the alias command. But does it have a seperate console that allows you to create and change your own commands? Using the console, you can also edit existing ones!

But, of course, if you aren't careful, you could end up really screwing up your account. Here are some additional ideas I've had: -You can have several characters under one account so that aliases and custom commands remain for each character and if you screw up your account, you can reset it.

It will be very hard to learn to use, and it will leave you searching through tons of directories in a command-line OS for commands that will do something cool.

Then, the syntax will be very touchy and hard to understand. But once you understand it, you can program it into a command and use it in game. The really awesome ones for editing character information, spawning items, etc will have to be found or bought from "Corrupt Mods", or NPC's in the form of moderators in the game that are willing to do anything for some money. It is based on how well, how often, and how efficiently you hack in the game.

A higher number is definately a sign of how good you are in the game, but it also means that the Corrupt Mods will be jelios of you, and the higher your rating is, the more expencive hacks will be. Absolutely anything, except spamming.When we all hear the word notepad we think of some boring useless applications to note down stuff. Well notepad is much more than that. We can control our pc,do some cool hacking and make fun games.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Batch is a language that runs primarily out of your Windows command prompt. Not only is it useful, but it can also be used to create amazing text-based games!

What is a text-based game you ask? It's a game a very simple one in which the user interacts through the use of text and choice-making. You will learn how to set up situations in which the characters will have to make choices about how they want to approach the problem. Now you're ready to begin typing your first lines of code, as well as learning you first commands. Commands are each of the words that we type in to the program that have a function; such as the echo, or pause commands.

For example you can type: "echo Hello adventurer! This can be useful in keeping your text uncluttered. When you use this code it shows up as "Press any key to continue. It stands for "clear screen", and what it does is remove all of the text that has been made in the command prompt window ergo, making the screen blank.

This is a good tool when you want to keep your game looking clean and in order.

Making a Game in Notepad and Much Much More

You should only use this when the characters reach the end of the game, or if you want the game to close when they die or make a wrong decision. When you add the color code, followed by a space and a specific set of numbers or letter, you can change the colors of the command prompt window.

The "goto" command is simple, once you get to know it.Time to start your first game! You need good ideas for a video game. Trying to design your first game can be very daunting. We support you. There are a bunch of genres out there. Some have been around for a long time, and for good reason. Think about some of your favorites. Try honing in on a particular genre and running with it.

See what you can come up with when you restrict yourself to one game type. Instead of just picking a game genre, pick a niche too. What happens when you limit yourself even more? The world is an incredible, amazing place. And there are a lot of really bizarre people in it. And sometimes these people do really weird things, and it turns out great!

And not just the interactions they have with each other, but the interactions they have with the world. Does anything stand out? Would any of it make a good game? Food is a good example. Use the process of elimination and see what turns up!

text based game ideas

Tune everything out and close everything down. Now take 15 minutes and write down every single idea that pops into your head. If you think it, write it. Just put it down on paper. Every single word, every single idea, every inkling of thought must find its way onto that page. Then review it when you are done. It might be some of those words on those pages are golden ideas.

Think about your all-time favorite book or series. Dang, that was a good read, huh? Was it Malazan Book of the Fallen?

How to Make a Text-Based Game

Kingkiller Chronicles? Wheel of Time? All very good. My, you truly have exquisite taste.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews. It only takes a minute to sign up. Any suggestions are welcome however, as well as general game and game play suggestions player scaling, enemy scaling, attack and enemy attack probabilities, which are handled in the dice class. All these different kind of characters could inherit from a common base Player class.

To get a random number x in the inclusive range of []instead of rand. The roll6roll10roll20 methods all use the same logic. Just one roll method with a parameter could do the job:. As demonstrated in this example, you probably don't need a new Random instance before each roll.

These conditions are mutually exclusive, therefore they should be chained with else if rather than using multiple independent if statements:. In this example a switch would be even better, so that charclass.

There are near-duplicate lines at multiple places. For example the enemyattack and attack methods implement the same logic, with only minor differences in the details. Those details can be parameters, so that you can avoid copy-pasting code. Later when you need to update copy-pasted sections, it will be extremely annoying to make parallel changes at multiple locations, and it will be very error-prone too. You're using Eclipse Luna, it has a feature to reformat nicely the entire code.

It's good to use that until it becomes a natural habit to type nicely. You could easily replace them with indexed arrays, making it easier to read, shorter, and easier to expand with more values later. Note that I put the value 1 at the index 0, just to avoid putting a 0 there.

As you are coding in Java, you should replace the String charclass with an enum which would make more sense. It may seem petty, but, as janos already pointed out, use a code formatter.

Ctrl-Shift-F on a vanilla eclipse is your friend. Stick to one style throughout a project. You'll have a hard time if you ever want to change anything about the game mechanics. Define and use constants or constant fields or enums for values that won't change.

A couple of suggestions on how you could repeat yourself less. As you observed, a while loop does the check first so the loop is not guaranteed to execute once or more. A do while loop, however, does the check at the end. This means it's guaranteed to execute at least once:.Posted in Web Development on July As never-ending web technologies continue to grow, I do my best to stay relevant and knowledgeable.

I eventually dug into Python when I found out how quickly and easily someone can scrape the web for information. Nevertheless, understanding the basics of a new language is obviously vital and one of the first personal projects I created, to begin learning the ins-and-outs of the language, was a simple text game.

Below, I have two examples. Think of the old Dungeons and Dragons game, but digital. Or the old Zork games. I know, I know.

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Who cares about text-based games when modern game graphics are bordering on reality. Well, not everyone fits the same mold. Recently, text adventure games have made a huge comeback. Both are simple examples to help build knowledge and understanding of Python. A few things to know if new to Python. Meaning, make sure your indents are nested correctly. Second, this is based on version 3 of Python. Using web emulators, especially when developing a story driven application, can be difficult to read and write.

Python has a lot of modulesbut, trying not to cause too much confusion for developers when coding, many are left out so you will need to import. Nevertheless, the first line imports the time module. If somewhat familiar with coding, most of it should make sense, such as ifelifand else statements.

The only oddity, but will make a text-based game dynamic, will be how the user answers the questions. If a particular answer is given, the user will be branched to a separate section.

text based game ideas

Now, my code only scratches the surface of branching, but you can send a user into 20 different paths if you want. Below is a flowchart to make the branching a little easier to understand. Much simpler than the text-based adventure game, the quiz uses the same basic ideas. Such as: printvariables, and the time module. In this case, instead of using sword and flower as a variable, it uses correct.

When a user selects the correct answer i. If incorrect, they will receive zero points. Finally, at the end, correct will be printed again to display how many were answered correctly.

Creating text-based games are one of the most basic uses of Python, which is a great starting place for anyone wanting to learn. Moreover, I work with developers who want their young children to learn coding, and this is such a great basis to teach kids Python. Not only will it develop coding skills, but cognitive skills as they create questions and answers. You have the ability to led users into particular directions, which open possibilities to create a GRE-like system. Meaning, if someone selects an answer, you can increase or decrease the hardness of the following question.

Nevertheless, Python is relatively easy to learn and its uses are boundless. If looking for a starting point, creating a text-based game is a wonderful and informative beginning. Text-Base Adventure Game Press the play button to begin.I am aiming to write a text based game for windows users sorry Macintosh! Being a person based almost entirely off of logic and fact, I am having difficulty thinking of an idea for a story line behind for the game.

My question is, what are some ideas for characters, items, rooms, and plot altogether? If you are wondering why someone based off of logic and fact is writing a text based game, it is because when I have completed my work for the day, I find it logical to attempt to provide a form of entertainment, both for myself and for others, assuming I publish the game.

I would be working on a game with more modern graphics and gameplay, but I do not have the resources. Thank you. So say you have been doing an RPG. Your character is walking alongside and he encounters Use javascript to generate a random interaction.

Then use javascript to generate cube rolls and stuff like that. Get your self a replica of Adobe Flash and pass to city in that. Answer Save. Source s : I've programmed many games before. I read a lot too :D.

text based game ideas

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Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: March 5, References. Text adventure games, also known as interactive fiction "IF" for shortwere the earliest form of computer games and maintain a relatively small but devoted following today. They are usually free to download, take up very little processing power, and best of all, you can create them by your lonesome, without any programming knowledge required.

5 Text-Based Adventure Games You Can Play in Your Browser

To make a text based game, start by picking free software, like Inform 7. Once you pick your software, familiarize yourself with the text commands and plan out the map or player progressions.

Next, write a short introduction to describe the game. Then, write the first room description, complete with commands that will allow players to interact with every object you mention. Additionally, turn the first room into a simple puzzle that the players have to find their way out of to give them a taste for what the game will be like.

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Getting Started. Polishing and Finishing the Game. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Try Inform 7.

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