Sync 3 ford gt theme

Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Feb 24, So check this out. I have a with Sync 2 and i just happen to go to the junk yard pick your part yesterday and i saw this Ford Focus SE hatchback sitting there pretty complete.

They just dropped it in the yard the day before. So i look at it and i see it has the 8" screen in it with the Sony 10 speaker system in it. It had the sunroof, leather seats with power drives seat and ambient lighting.

Thing is this car did not have auto climate control. They rang it up as a navigation kit. But i didn't know if it had the navigation in it. But either way the price was good. So i took it home and installed it in my car and wala It has the Nav and sat radio. Everything works perfect for the exception that the climate icon is not there.

I have digital climate control in my car. Just wondering if anyone knows how to activate the system to ad the climate icon in it? Joined Oct 7, I've done it using a guide I found on the RS forums.I've been playing around with the forscan themes and I sort of like the Ford GT theme and splash.

I know that is for a super car but it still kinda fits the car and I couldn't handle the baby boy blue anymore. Is it safe to hack around and see if there are any "easter egg" type themes without bricking the system or has this been done already? Nagare Well-Known Member. There should also be some "regular" car ones for the Focus, Fusion, and whatever else they're sticking Sync in now as well. Plus the Lincoln cars with it iirc they have a goldish theme.

I'm going to try the GT theme with Mustang splash when I get mine.

sync 3 ford gt theme

The GT theme is a little weird in how it puts borders around thing but I like the color scheme better. I'd take it crossed with the default style or a true black theme that doesn't cut the brightness too low for daytime use. So Nagare knows Forscan I know who I will hit up for questions on that in the future, lol! Ya that won't work I bet.

Getting started with Ford Pass

The Windows app is very old school. It reminds me of the s. The confusing part for me was knowing when to flip the switch. Depending on the module you are accessing it may or may not work. So if a module scan fails, just flip the switch and try again. The online FAQs are a little confusing too as what I was seeing didn't look like what they were showing as examples but I eventually fumbled through it. I'm really loving the Ford GT theme so far.

The default one is so fugly it was getting to me. At least passangers shouldn't notice this is supposed to be for a supercar. It fits with the GT trim. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - Forscan themes. Replies: 0 Views: Sync 3 Upgrade Forscan Issues - Help! Replies: 5 Views: Forscan Question bigfootFeb 21,in forum: V8 5.

Replies: 4 Views: Periodic data logging with Forscan? Replies: 1 Views: Texstang Feb 16, Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now.Sync 3 3. Fastfwd Well-Known Member. Just completed the 3. No issues and new build Timeless Well-Known Member. Seems like a thumb drive and manual DL is required to "fix" something that should be auto updated.

I'm not surprised but boy is that silly for Details on the difference upgrading to 3. Stumbled on this Like that better than the Ford GT one!!

It works.

sync 3 ford gt theme

How does one select that permanently? FORScan maybe? Heartlessssss Active Member.

Sync 3 Climate Control Icon????

I too have 3. Remember 3. In regards to the splash screen, mine reverts back too. Went fine for me, in fact went smoother than the 3. Did you download both zip files which included the langauge zip? You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

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Apr 14, at PM If there truly are multiple different vendors for the exact same "kit" it sounds like anybody should be able to purchase the parts separately if we had the part numbers. Apr 15, at AM Apr 21, at PM I would think that for that price you could get a sweet head unit that's sync compatible.

Apr 25, at AM I had placed an order for the infotainment. As some one mentioned before I decided to go the bumper route instead and ended up canceling the order. Its worth mentioning they do charge extra for the android auto and apple car play. For you military folk, they do military discount too! Apr 25, at PM There seems to be a few actually. However they are not on fs. Mostly focus st's and mustangs. But everyone probably knows how that sometimes goes Jun 27, at PM Ordered today from 4dtech.

Hoping to install Friday. Keeping the Sync 2 in the garage, so I can re-install and sell the Sync 3 in case I ever sell the truck. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.Sync 3 V3. Clump Well-Known Member.

My '19, built is August, is 3. The blue theme looks nice. Whitedevil95 Well-Known Member. First Name: J. Bikeman Well-Known Member. StangTime Well-Known Member. MaskedRacerX Driver. More RAM? Faster CPU? MaskedRacerX likes this. Multitask Well-Known Member. All that being said, I would think the I was reading up on those links yesterday, and one thing kind of caught my eye. I think I saw it where an APIM that originally was for the 4" screen could be reformatted and repurposed for the 8" and sync3?

Anyone confirm that? Cobra Jet Well-Known Member. Vehicle s : EB Prem. StangTime Can you post images of Dark Night mode in 3.I did the all in one file and it has the same issue as Phil.

How-To: Using FORScan to change your Sync3 boot splash screen to "ST Ford Performance"

Interestingly though, the theme has gone back to the GT one I was using before. The other times I've flashed 3. I've not done a master reset yet, but I wonder if there is some as-built setting which needs changing.

Just a someone come to have the radio icons put on, he used the same files as me and his works just like mine nav voice etc just don't understand why yours isn't. Yes, all working fine!!! It just resets to middle. But have noticed that compatible mobile apps on my iPhone now work over bt, not just when plugged in. Which is cool. Before the " Ford Hacks " site got taken down recently Sync3. I've not tried anything in Forscan yet but I will! Thanks for this, I need to revert to the MY20 theme as well.

I've always liked the GT theme, but for that to work you have to have the GT splash screen, which always felt a bit like glueing and st badge on it. That and while the GT background is nice, the text colour doesn't quite work now.

sync 3 ford gt theme

I'll perhaps see about disabling the climate repeater too. I'd keep it if it worked properly Otherwise all working well. If I post up the list of files used basically Tezza's reformat. Jury is still out on that one, Clive. Alex reckons it was pretty buggy, but Tezza and I have not seen the same bugs - Tezza from the start, me after flashing Tezza's files.

I'm happy to report back after I've had some time to live with it, but generally the system seems a whole lot more responsive than before If those who are interested but a bit unsure grab the files before we lose accessthen those of use who have done it can report back if we have problems. Gives folk time to decide Can you give a definitive do-all-one-stop post for luddites like me with correct links and guidance? Right, master reset done. Reflshed again. OK guys. Usual disclaimers apply.

Help will be given for those who have problems, but this is on your own head!Forums New Posts Trending.

Sync 3 3.3 not downloading for others?

Gallery New Media New Comments. Contact Us. Log In Register. What's New Night Mode. New Posts. Log In. Sign Up! Register for an accountit's free and it's easy, so don't hesitate to join the Fiesta ST Forum today! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 4 of 5 Go to page. Messages 40 Likes 5 Location Chula Vista. OCS12 said:. I'll second that the wifi ones are nice, but don't always work right.

That's what I currently have that I use for checking codes on other people's cars, and it's great for running simple scan tools and resetting codes, but it doesn't seem to cooperate with more advanced software, such as Forscan.

Sync 3 Climate Control Icon????

It errors out every time I try to write to the car. Messages 1 Likes 0 Location Goettingen. Hello, the bootsplash looks great! I have sync2 and would like to install the ST bootflash from Sync3 as on the first page is it possible and where can I get the bootsplash? Sorry for my "school english" I'm from germany and I love my Ford!!!

Dec 25, Messages 15 Likes 3 Location Linton. Has anyone experimented with this extensively. Messages 2 Likes 0 Location Ghent. Since there's still no answer to this, i assume this is impossible?

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