Expedition happiness how did they pay for it

Skip navigation! Story from Home. Taking a road trip across America is not exactly an unusual thing to do. Of course, when most people drive from one part of the country to another, they usually take a car or even sometimes an RV.

But one creative young couple did something way cooler. Those shared characteristics inspired a project they're calling " Expedition Happiness. Over the course of three months, Starck and Taibi transformed the bus into a beautiful, comfortable, and practical mobile home.

The bus is complete with running water and electricity.

expedition happiness how did they pay for it

It has a working kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and freezer. There's even a composting toilet and shower. Not only is the bus functional and efficient, but the design is also downright gorgeous. Taibi told The Huffington Post, "It can be done a lot cheaper, but for us it was important that it felt like home, so it had to be perfect. People all over the internet are impressed with the results. A video of the bus posted to Facebook last month has been viewed over 47 million times and shared overtimes.

Take a look below. Now that the renovation is complete, Taibi and Starck, along with their dog Rudi, are driving the bus from Alaska all the way to Central America. The pair is planning to give the bus away once they reach Panama. To decide who gets the bus, they're holding a raffle.

The winner will be announced via Facebook Live. Kanye West is no doubt one of the most remarkable musicians and artists of our time. But above all else, West is a visionary with a futuristic obsession wi.

Expedition Happiness

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Skip to Content. Felix and Selima are both intrepid and resourceful as they customize a bus themselves and handle setbacks and challenges on the road. The dog becomes violently ill from heat exhaustion and bacteria. He comes down with giardia, and possibly a tick-related disease, causing vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. They stop for the dog to have double elbow surgery. The trip to natural landscapes where few tourists tread seems to represent a rejection of materialism.

The travelers fear that soldiers have planted drugs under their bus. They drink tequila. Set limits for violence and more with Plus. They buy an American school bus in North Carolina, convert it to a rolling loft, and set off for Canada, Alaska, the U.

West Coast, Mexico, and parts south. Visa problems delay them. So does their mountain dog's intolerance for heat, bus repairs, and terrible roads. In general, despite setbacks and challenges, it appears that these two bring their happiness on the trip with them. Expect to hear the words "s--t" and "ass. Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Join now. Add your rating See all 7 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 1 kid review.

They travel with open hearts, a sense of adventure, and their beloved dog, Rudi. After buying the bus in North Carolina, they spend three months doing the rebuild themselves, just making it across the Canadian border as their visas expire.

Shunning the spontaneity-killing notion of planning, they go where curiosity takes them, through Banff National Park and to Alaska, where views are spectacular.

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The sight of bear, moose, soaring mountains, streams, and lakes feed their souls as they describe the happiness they believed the trip would provide.Once a bright yellow eyesore, the bus has been transformed into a home — complete with a star-gazing spot, a shower with marine handmade tiles and even a dog-bed. The couple, who have been dating for three years, wanted to move out of their flat in Berlin to get away from the confines of city life.

The couple had not seen the bus before buying it and moving half way across the world. It took 12 weeks of gruelling work to complete the conversion. The bus is now fitted with a fully-functioning kitchen, a queen-size bed, a flat-screen TV complete with Netflix and a bathroom. The result is a Pinterest-perfect home on wheels.

The couple started their journey in Alaska and headed south from there, having now hit Vancouver in Canada. It could hold 72 passengers, which gives you an idea of the size. It is not the first time that Felix Starck decided to take off explore. In he decided to cycle 17,km around the world. His adventure started off in Germany and around Asia, before ending up in the US.

It was partly for this reason that the couple decided to move on from Germany. Once the documentary recording his time cycling became a hit, the pair started to get recognised in Berlin. They knew at this point that it was time to leave. Now the creative couple wake up and drive wherever they wish to explore.

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Today's Best Discounts.Sign In. Expedition Happiness Hide Spoilers. SkidSears 4 February This movie has been a revelation. Who would have thought that being on holiday and free to do whatever you please is actually more pleasant than working a stressful 9 to 5 job? It only takes our protagonist a few weeks in a Canadian national park to come to this realization which he then proudly presents to his camera while putting his sophisticated selfie-vlog techniques to use.

For a second he seems to be wondering why it is that not everyone spends their lives on holiday. But being on holiday isn't always as easy as it seems. Our traveling couple finds themselves not adhering to US visa regulations which gets them stuck in Vancouver for three whole weeks. This is clearly a stressful time for the two and their dog as they lack the ability to come up with anything to actually do other than walking within a radius of 30 feet around their bus and filming themselves in front of nature.

Luckily, they have family fly over the Atlantic ocean to help them keep busy during these tough times. Even though everything works out, this horrible experience is still gnawing at our progatonist and we get to watch him whine about it while driving down the Californian coastline.

And there's more hardship to come. Because who could have ever expected that the climate gets warmer towards the equator? Long story short, the couple drag their pet dog into a climate in which the breed usually tends to die -- which the dog then promptly starts his best attempt to do. Bringing the dog home and continuing the journey without him would have probably gone over poorly with the reviewers, so our female lead covers the poor thing in ice packs while her boyfriend is driving them through the desert.

In Tulum though, the dog decides that he's had enough of their crap. The couple is forced to cut their holiday short, book a flight back home and spend their last couple of days snorkeling, filming themselves running into the ocean and showing off their Spanish skills by calling everything "muy bonito" while their dog is hanging out at the vet's office trying not to make this film flop by actually dying.

The theme of "finding happiness" quickly gets lost because let's be honest, our protagonists can't actually come up with anything meaningful anyway.

A Life in Motion: Mogli On How Things Have Changed Since ‘Expedition Happiness’

But we get to watch them enjoy a nice holiday and maybe one day it'll help them become really successful Youtubers. Was this review helpful?

expedition happiness how did they pay for it

Sign in to vote.Mogli has always loved to travel, but in she embarked on her biggest adventure yet. Together with her boyfriend filmmaker Felix Starck and their Bernese mountain dog she crossed Canada, travelled through Alaska and drove down the Pacific Highway all the way to the southern tip of Mexico.

The couple captured their whole trip on camera and shared their experience with their many followers along the way through youtube and social media — one video was seen by over 50 Million people. In May their documentation about the trip premiered and more than In December the english version will be released on Netflix in all territories. Naturally Moglis songs are the soundtrack to the stunning pictures.

On glaciers and mountains, in the jungle and the desert Mogli found inspiration for her second album "Wanderer". Having her Piano and guitar on board made it possible to write songs literally in the middle of nowhere resulting in songs that incorporate the beauty and vastness of nature and an intimate reflection of her feelings at the same time. Expedition Happiness Mogli has always loved to travel, but in she embarked on her biggest adventure yet.Mogli is here and everywhere.

She travels the world, writes songs, and plays concerts all over Europe — soon in the USA as well. Her documentary Expedition Happinessreleased in Maymade thousands of teenagers go to cinema and listen to the soundtrack Wanderer while dreaming of new adventures far away. There, Selima Taibi played her last show of said year in a church. There barely could have been a more suitable location for this concert: People of all ages sat spellbound in their seats and listened to the globetrotter playing music and telling about her journey.

Soon, some young people got up, went to the altar, and sat down right in front of the then three-headed band. The heart was warm, no matter how cold the stone floor was. In the meantime, Mogli has been back in Germany for almost two years. There is still a lot going on in her life, she is still traveling a lot — but after a short stay in Hamburg and the Black Forest, her adopted home is now Berlin.

Much has changed and is still changing, she says. And surely, if you listen to the young musician, you get the impression that she is constantly on the move.

However, she also notes that her environment and the atmosphere of living together as a society change as well. Together with Felix Starck, who caused a sensation with the documentary Pedal the WorldMogli rebuilt a van and travelled with heavy luggage and her dog Rudi through Canada and America. Although they could not complete their journey as they had planned, they experienced so much that the movie Expedition Happiness was brought to life, conveying a vivid picture from the many weeks and months on the road.

Since Selima Taibi is back in Germany, there has not been much silence around her. Too much to talk about, too many gigs to play. And indeed, when you talk to Salima, it becomes clear that movement and change play an essential role in her life. After her return, she first lived in Hamburg and then in the Black Forest.

Now she is back in Berlin and currently writing new songs. This is how she looks back on Expedition Happiness. How did it feel for yo u to be back in Germany after months of traveling and to live primarily in one place — apart from touring life?

expedition happiness how did they pay for it

What has changed over time, you or your environment?Change language. Felix and I met when he cycled around the world for a year and I joined him for some weeks in New Zealand. While he is making movies I am a singer-songwriter so apart from releasing my debut album I wrote the soundtrack.

Back home from our travels the creative, loud and dirty city got on our nerves. We started to ask ourselves: Why Berlin? Why Germany? And why settle down so early? When we spotted an old American school bus online it was decided straight away. We were gonna build a tiny home on wheels and travel through North America.

Only 4 weeks later we were on the plane to the states with a lot of camera equipment to document everything. But before starting our road trip we had to make an RV out of the 40 foot bus. In three months we took out the seats, and built furniture. We even managed solar, electric, plumbing, and tiling the shower all by ourselves.


The hard work was tiring and we had to deal with a lot of setbacks, like a massive hole in the floor or a leaking ceiling. It was our home. Together with our dog Rudi we embarked on our biggest adventure yet.

We crossed Canada and drove from Alaska to Mexico. We saw wild wolves, moose and a grizzly only metres away from the bus.

We traveled to glaciers, crossed deserts and the jungle. We woke up in front of the highest mountain peak of North America and stayed the night at the lowest point at 86m below sea level. The whole trip felt like a rollercoaster ride and was quite overwhelming at some points but the nature and having each other always gave us balance.

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