B20b vtec engine specs

b20b vtec engine specs

During the 80s, 90s, and s, there was a significant host of engines produced cb radio accessories near me Honda, most of which were four-cylinder engines. Without a doubt, the most popular and internet famous of them all is the B-Series. With the B-Series being so incredibly popular, there are a ton of questions about basic specifications, history, the best modifications, and how it compares to similar Honda four-cylinder engines.

There are two major branches of the B-Series engines. The reason we say this, is the B20A and B21A do not share the same architect as the rest of the B-Series families, this means parts are not interchangeable with other B-Series engines. For the most part, we are going to omit the B20A and B21A from our information because they do not belong. Applications like the Acura Integra received the B-Series engine. Overseas, however, the B-Series could be found in the majority of performance oriented.

As we mentioned above, the B-Series is pretty legendary when it comes to JDM engines for being able to produce very impressive amounts of power with small displacement applications. The B16 is extremely popular amongst JDM tuners for one big reason: horsepower per liter. A modern Ford Mustang 5.

The B16B found the — Civic Type R output horsepower, putting it at an insane horsepower per liter! This high horsepower per liter, for the most part, trends across the B16, B17, and B This section openbabel online converter where things get interesting, as Honda vehicles are some of the most popular tuning vehicles in the world. Seriously, the Honda Civic is one of the most modified cars in the world, although, it is likely behind cars such as the SX.

None-the-less, people like modifying their Hondas, and one of the most popular mods is a B-Series engine swap.

b20b vtec engine specs

There is only so much you can do to a little single cam D-Series, and the B-Series is far superior in every way. Aside from the swap itself, here are the ways to modify your B-Series engine.

Yes, most four-cylinder Hondas with an aftermarket exhaust are relatively annoying, but the performance benefits are undeniable. If you want big power, then forced induction is genuinely the way to go. Figuratively, there are countless turbo kit manufacturers for B-Series engines. There are also supercharger kits on the market, but they are significantly less popular for a handful of reasons.

There is only so much air that can be sucked into a 1. What would the outcome be? I love the car but wish it had more power for everyday driving. What is involved when replacing the stock head with the VTech head? Thank you.

Honda B engine

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.In this engine, an aluminum cylinder block with cast iron liners was used; its deck height was An 89 mm stroke crankshaft was installed inside, length of connecting rods was mm, and pistons height was 30 mm. As a result, we have the displacement of 2 liters. The size of intake valves was 31 mm, of exhaust valves — 28 mm, and the diameter of valve stem was 6.

Here a timing belt was used to be replaced after every 60, miles of mileage. If the belt breaks, most likely the valves will remain intact. This engine requires periodic valve adjustment after every 24, miles of mileage.

The valve clearances for B20B are 0. The first modifications of the B20B engine had the compression ratio of 8. This increased the power up to HP 6, rpm, and the torque was Nm 5, rpm. The size of B20Z and B20B fuel injectors was cc. The size of B20 throttle body was 60 mm.

The firing order of B20B and B20Z was Like the entire B-series, this engine is considered to be one of the most reliable and durable. The most vulnerable components here are cam seals, head gasket, sometimes the water pump and the thermostat fail before time, which results in engine overheating. In any case, it is a very outdated engine, and one cannot expect too much reliability from it. However if it is serviced right, and high-quality motor oil is used, the engine may run for a while.

This will give you about HP. You will need head porting, then you will need the following performance parts: a cold air intake system, a Skunk2 intake manifold, a Skunk2 70 mm throttle body, Skunk2 Stage 2 cams, adjustable cam gears, Supertech valves, valve guides, retainers, a TODA lightweight flywheel, cc fuel injectors, a Walbro lph fuel pump, NGK 7 spark plugs, a header, a 2.

Everything written above is good, but sometimes you want more. Getting HP from a naturally aspirated B20B is almost an impossible task, a turbo project should be built. Then choose any turbo kit to your liking, and install it in your engine.

B20b specs

It is optimal to use an Evo 8 turbocharger or something like that. An oil feed line and an oil return line are to be installed. Mitsubishi 4G Honda K20A K20C. Honda K24A K24Z. Honda R18A.Manufacturing of F20 engines had started in Septemberand the first cars fitted with them were Honda Accord and Ascot. This engine used a It is similar to other F-engines.

Inside it has an 88 mm piston stroke crankshaft and balancer shafts, the rod length is mm, pistons diameter is 85 mm, and their compression height is 31 mm. This kit ensures 2 liters displacement. The diameter of intake valves is 34 mm, of the exhaust valves — 29 mm. Engines F20A and F20B use a timing belt to be replaced after every 60, miles 90, km of mileage. If the belt breaks, F20B engine will not bend valves, but if the timing belt breaks in the VTEC mode, the valves will be bent.

If the timing belt breaks on F20A engine, valves are always bent. Here valves are to be adjusted after every 15, to 20, miles 25, km of mileage. For a cold engine, intake valves clearance is 0. For F20A and F20B3, the fuel injectors size is cc. For F20B engines, it is cc. Along with F engines, sports H engines H22 and H23 were made, they were technically very close to the F-series. F-series also included the dynamic F20C engine for Honda S Such engines can be found in Honda Accord and Prelude.

Can be found in Honda Accord. F20A6 reaches 90 HP 6, rpm, the torque is Nm 3, rpm. Such engines were used in Honda Accord and Prelude. F20B specs are very much superior to those of F20A, the engine develops HP at 7, rpm and the torque of Nm at 6, rpm. Its rev limit is 7, rpm.

For vehicles with automatic transmission, a simpler version was used with HP 7, rpm, and the torque of Nm 5, rpm.Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Which B20 is better, the one that from specs or specs? Basically they both the same size of engine that came off from honda Cr-V but the specs has greater power and torque, which I think is because the head on 99 specs is more aggresive??

How much power will it produce with all stock? But I might do the port, polish and milled head though. Any body has done it before? Please help me out Because I got 2 opinions from my friends, one of them said its gonna be waste doing it without do anything on the head like take the cam to the higher stage, bla bla bla And I think they both the same, isnt it?

Correct me if I'm wrong. Please help me out guys I desperately need help here Oh yeah please note that my EG has a Vtec already. Thanks a lot and may all honda lover has a wonderful day and life.

b20b vtec engine specs

Thank you The power differences betwwen the B20s are made in the head, so whatever one you can get for cheaper will be best. FLounder power hungry VIP. Thanks guys for the answer, really appreciate it. But if I ask another question, what are the parts that you added?

250+ hp All Motor B20 Vtec

And what is basemap ECU? Any other opinions??? Thanks Thanks a lot. For example when i bought my car it was running on a stock p28 ecu. My engine remains untuned at this point, and therefore nowhere near its potential. IanB MB4 X2.The system was upgraded to i-VTEC in the early s, which added intake camshaft timing adjustment.

The hallmark of the Honda VTEC system is the ability to vary valve timing, which is when the exhaust valves close and open within the engine head. By altering the lift and duration of valve operation, the engine can optimize both low- and high-end operation. Prior to VTEC engine designers had to pick where in the revolution range the engine would be optimized for performance. VTEC engines posses a threshold typically rpm above which the VTEC system engages a third rocker arm, which hold valves open for longer periods, improving high end power.

The system was implemented in single- and dual-overhead engines. The i-VTEC system added additional control for intake valves at low and medium throttle levels, thus improving low-end and partial throttle response from the engine. Thus, the i-VTEC system provides all the benefits of the traditional VTEC design's high-end open throttle power, while providing better engine operation at low and partial throttle.

The performance variant allowed three cam lobes per cylinder for both intake and exhaust, whereas the economy i-VTEC system only possesses two lobes on the intake cam, and no VTEC control on the exhaust cam.

The performance version resulted in an additional 40 horsepower in the K series engines. Honda estimates the system will result in a 13 percent increase in fuel efficiency. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. References Autos.

About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Tired of having to bring your cylinder head to the machine shop across town to have the dowel holes drilled?

No more. This is a braided teflon hose with two black AN-6 female ends, used between the oil sandwich plate adapter and the AN-6 head adapter. Tax Season Sale. More details. Add to cart. The gerotors are precision machined from steel-copper alloy FCan exceptionally durable metal that assures dependability and durability. Tight housing and gerotor tolerances provide optimum pressure and flow requirements.

b20b vtec engine specs

Housings are die cast DC aluminum and are anodized to prevent corrosion. All pumps are individually inspected and tested. Evolution B-Series Oil Pump Everything is moving faster in your engine when you play hard - so should the oil. Evolution Part EV ARP Rod Bolts for 1. If you are planning on going over RPM, these are a must. Part ARP Features a thin 2 layer design for increased compression. Available in 81mm and 84mm sized. No more need to drill and ream the dowels holes on the head or block for alignment.

Comprised of multiple embossed layers of stainless steel with the outer layers utilizing a viton rubber coating. Compressed thickness is. Forced induction, datalogging, real time programming, Bluetooth and engine protection are but a few of the comprehensive s features.

Social Media. You Tube. International Orders. Terms of Sale. Tech Center. DIY Swap Tech.The Honda B-series engine can be likened to the venerable small block Chevy. It has powered two generations of hot rodders and is still going strong for the domestic camp as the engine of choice for an amazing third generation.

Conceived in the mid '50s, the small block Chevy is stronger than ever, pumping out more than hp in the latest Corvette Z In racing, the mouse engine, as it's affectionately called, serves yeoman duty propelling the fastest Winston Cup cars and many classes of domestic drag racing to victory.

Even though the engine's design is older than most of us and has a crude by today's standards pushrod OHV, two-valve head architecture, the latest variants of this engine have an impressive power density. It has always been popular to the performance crowd and has tremendous aftermarket support, the best for any engine ever made.

The Honda B-series engine is the import enthusiast equivalent to the small block Chevy. Stock in the Acura Integra, del Sol Si and the Civic Si, the B-series is also a popular and very easy swap into the lightweight Civic, making the classic hot rod: a powerful engine swapped into the most compact and light chassis. Since the B engine was available even more widely in the Japanese domestic market JDMthere's an abundance of relatively cheap used JDM engines imported here to serve as a base for hybrid Civic swaps or other build-ups.

The B-series has gone through an evolution of sorts. The final most developed version is the B18C5, the rare powerplant found under the hood of the Integra Type R. This variant of the B-series pumped out an impressive hp in stock naturally aspirated form. This is an amazing feat of more than hp per liter, more than some factory turbocharged and supercharged engines. The B16A, first found under the hood of the del Sol Si was the first production auto engine to produce more than hp per liter.

Honda's superior engineering helps the B engine put out amazing levels of power from small displacements. The B is blessed with excellent combustion chambers of a pentroof design, featuring a shallow included angle.

This helps efficiency, as a shallow included angle has a lower surface-to-volume area to insure that more heat energy is used to drive the piston rather than heat the water jacket. The intake and exhaust ports, as well as the valves, are generously sized and contoured correctly for excellent flow right out of the box.

Many variants of the B engine also have generous quench zones in the cylinder head to help improve combustion stability by improving fuel-air mixing and turbulent combustion. The big B also features a lightweight die cast aluminum block with strong semi-girdled main caps and a fully counterweighted high alloy steel forged crankshaft. Forged high alloy steel rods with large bolts and generous caps combined with an excellent oiling system make bottom end failure on these engines almost unheard of.

Although many import engines from the established Japanese car makes like Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota share some or all of these excellent traits, Honda still has an ace up its sleeve with its wonderful innovation, VTEC.

LS/ B20 VTEC Kits

VTEC is what sets the B engines apart from other production engines. Short for Variable valve Timing with Electronic Control, it's Honda's system that combines the smooth idle, decent low-end power, good fuel economy and low emissions of a stock cam with the top end charging, high-rpm power of a nearly full-race cam. VTEC has none of a race cam's disadvantages like poor idle quality, total lack of low end power, poor part throttle driveabilty, poor fuel mileage and hydrocarbon rich tailpipe effluent.

The short-duration, low-lift, low-rpm cam lobes activate the intake and exhaust valves at partial throttle and low rpm, but when you boot it, the high-rpm, high-lift, long-duration center lobe is activated and the engine really sings.

Volvo B20 Engine Specifications

The high-rpm lobe has a lift and duration close to that of a full race cam, allowing VTEC-equipped B engines to rev to astronomical limits, like to rpm in stock form. Unfortunately, the year was the production swan song of the mighty B engine. But fear not Honda fans. The B's easy availability on the used market and the tons of aftermarket support for this engine family will ensure the engine's longevity in the world of import performance.

Most of the B engine's parts interchange between variants, making all sorts of interesting power and displacement combinations possible. This interchangeability also increases the used parts pool considerably.

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